Cloud Hosting

If you are looking for web hosting services that offer a great deal of features at good prices, then you have come to the right place. With AskMagic, you will be able to get unlimited disk space and unlimited traffic. In addition, there are no set up fees and there is 24/7 FTP access. Everything is iWeb compatible and you will get personal customer support with any issues you may have.

Do not get into those situations where you sign up for website hosting services and end up with a huge monthly bill for “additional service use”. With AskMagic, this does not happen. you will be told beforehand of all the costs and there are no hidden fees. There is just quality web hosting that will help your website in the short and long term. So go ahead and find out more today at our website.

Why Choose AskMagic?

Enterprise Hardware

Our web hosting services uses state-of-the-art Enterprise servers to provide high-performance and raw computing power that is needed by today’s businesses. These servers provide reliable uptime and substantial capacity to meet your web hosting needs.

Network administrators that are seeking proven reliability and top notch performance will appreciate the Dell server hardware. Customers that want the best performance at the best price should consider our web hosting services to deliver the benefits that they need

Visitor Statistics

When you get website hosting services from AskMagic, you will be getting many added services. One of these is our interactive visitor statistics information. Once you have a website and you are using it to make money or promote services/products, you will need to know the number of hits you are getting.

Our visitor statistics include monthly hits, daily hits, number of pages accessed, and the duration of visits. This is great in seeing what your website is doing well and what can be improved on

Control Panel

With AskMagic’s control panel you will be able to manage everything related to your account and the website. This is terrific for those who might not be experts when it comes to website hosting. Instead of having to find various information in different places, everything is available on our control panel and is just a few clicks away from being accessed.

Email accounts, applications, files, and other information is available on our control panel. Our online web interface often receives praise and you will discover just why once you begin using it

Why Choose AskMagic?

You’ve just found the best Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Traffic hosting available to New Zealand customers. The AskMagic Web Hosting difference is the Personal Support that we provide with with each and every support email that we receive. Our personal touch gives all our customers a sense of security and peace of mind in knowing that they will be well looked after. If you are looking for a Webhost that cares a great deal about their clients and their sites, we can help. AskMagic has proven to deliver the best personal support in the industry. AskMagic supports many different Types Of Website Hosting. Still have questions, visit our Common Web Hosting Questions page or Contact Us using our secure online contact form.

Quality, reliable NZ Web Hosting can be hard to find but don’t worry, your search is over.

Leading Technology – The internet is always evolving and so is webhost technology. It is our job to stay on top of such trends and give you the best technology possible. Upgrades happen on a monthly and yearly basis, which often shows as our services are the best around.

Domain name freedom – Instead of using external domains and having to buy from other companies, you can simply get them from us. This decreases complications and will also save you money.

No confusing data limits – The great thing about our service is that you do not have hidden fees and data limits. When we tell you data is unlimited, that means it is without a question unlimited. You will not see enormous monthly bills when getting services from us.

Personal Support – In order to offer the best service, we also needed to have the best customer service. That is where our personal support comes in. You can call or email us with any queries and you will have someone get back to you ASAP.

Based in New Zealand – We are based in New Zealand and we are proud to offer our services to locals who are looking to improve the standard of their websites. We are always looking to grow and evolve as a business.

Types Of Hosting

One of the more popular reasons for signing up to a Web Hosting hosting provider is starting a Blog Website for your business. A blog can add a lot of good quality content to an existing website, and you may already know, users love unique, quality content and if your users love it, then Google will love it too. The most popular blogging platform is WordPress. If you already have a website with another hosting provider, then you can use our hosting services to host your blog and still keep you current website where it is. If you like us, you may decide to move everything over to us.

Another great reason is if you are looking to start a Online Shopping Cart / Ecommerce Store. Again, you do not need to move over your current site if you already have one, just have your current host update for DNS setting to point to our servers IP address. Everyone these days, looks online for products for purchase and a Opencart Website (a shopping cart platform) is the best way to showcase your products. Another is powerful Ecommerce Store is Magento, though Opencart is the preferred option.

If you do not already have a website or are looking to expand your online profile, then you will need a Content Management System (CMS).
The SkyTV, Mylotto and Trademe websites all use a CMS in one form or another. CMS are design to be easy to use so that you can update it yourself with little to no technical knowledge. A Joomla or Drupal based website are popular CMS options. VirtueMart is a Joomla based ecommerce add-on so you can get the best of both worlds on one package.

A Hosted Moodle CMS Website can give you the power and flexibility required to launch your online learning center.

Last but not least is Forum Hosting. Users signup to your forum, post questions, upload photos, share links and communicate with other like minded individuals. Listing items on Trademe is not the only way to get things sold. Such niche forums exist solely for users to list and sell items. One such forum management platform is PhpBB.

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