Managed Cloud Servers

AskMagic’s Cloud VPS Hosting services use a cloud server system that provides a comprehensive web hosting service. This web hosting service is an Internet hosting application that provides individuals and enterprises accessibility to the Internet. Hosts are companies that allow space on an owned or leased computing server.

The clients for the computing company are provided Internet connectivity from a data center. Various other services for host companies include providing data center space and connectivity for other servers. Web hosting may include providing services for web pages and small filing hosting for uploading and downloading by way of a web interface. Cloud computing uses a cloud-shaped symbol to represent the complex infrastructure that it contains.

We support/maintain Accredo and The Retail Edge POS software product systems with any more to come.

Why Choose AskMagic?

Redundant Storage

To ensure that your data is always protected and available, we utilize high performance servers that provide redundancy and 24×7 access. This ensures the high level of availability that our customers desire and helps us maintain our position as a leader in cloud hosting.

Our storage area network is configured to minimize costs, improve efficiency and make accessibility as seamless as possible. Our high performance storage access network is vital for backup and recovery and will be a key component in fulfilling your company’s enterprise server needs

Stress-Free Hosting

Our company provides stress-free hosting by offering 24×7 support with high priority to our customers. We monitor our servers 24×7 which ensures that there is minimal downtime if a problem arises. We use the latest firewall and security software to ensure your network and data is completely protected from outside threats.

We provide upfront pricing for all our services so that there are no hidden costs. We guarantee that network administration and maintenance will be less stressful when using our services. Our support staff is available to provide the answers and solutions to problems that may arise

Guaranteed Resources

We provide superior cloud VPS hosting services that are 100% guaranteed to meet the most demanding storage requirements. With a proven record of quality service, we guarantee that all of our customers will receive the storage and network capacity that they need.

Our services feature dedicated CPU, RAM and related resources that are tailored to the specific customer. This ensures that there is minimal downtime and robust security to protect your data

Why should I consider Cloud VPS Hosting?

Cloud VPS hosting has become a key solution for many businesses. The virtual nature of Cloud VPS makes an unlimited amount of storage space and a variety of services available that can be tailored to fit the needs of the individual company. This makes it much cheaper than a dedicated server since you business won’t pay for unneeded server space and services that are not needed. In the event that additional storage or other services are needed, then Cloud VPS hosting is flexible enough to provide the extra services.

From a performance standpoint, Cloud VPS hosting is better than shared hosting since it will not be affected by problems often associated with shared servers. Virtual servers allow another server to be used when another physical server is down or impacted. All of this occurs behind the scene and the client will only experience seamless performance and accessibility.

Cloud VPS hosting also differs from standard VPS because of the network architecture employed by Cloud VPS hosting to make even more servers and services available to the customer. This increases the horsepower of the network and enhances the reliability. Since a standard VPS network has its limitations due to its standalone nature, that problem is virtually eliminated through the use of Cloud VPS hosting. Costs, reliability, security, scalability and performance can be better optimized through the use of Cloud VPS servers. Our company has taken this technology and developed it to provide our customers with the best combination of services to fit their specific needs.

Cloud VPS Questions and Answers

How do I contact AskMagic for help?

AskMagic may be contacted for customer assistance. The customer assistance contact is through a contact form on the AskMagic site

What is the difference between cloud hosting and cloud computing?

Cloud computing uses computing hardware and software resources that are delivered over a computer network or over the Internet. Cloud computing is a service that began as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure that it contains. This complex infrastructure was first diagrammed in a cloud shape, and the use of a cloud symbol was the first indication of this type of computing network. Cloud computing implies a remote service that uses a shared-type of infrastructure over long distances. This means that the service that is provided is a part of a large shared network that is remote from the location that is using this service. Cloud hosting is a type of Internet service that uses this style of structure. The hosting services are a part of a shared system that is usually remote from the actual location that has purchased the particular services. Services of this nature are generally lower in cost since the expenses for the Internet services are shared by the members of the group. Virtual offices may use a type of cloud service.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No, there are monthly and yearly options for any type of Internet service that may be requested.

Terms of Service may include any use of the hosting service that is provided to an individual or business. The Terms of Service may include guaranteed privacy policies that are in place as a hosted web site. Privacy may include any stored data that is a part of a hosted web site by AskMagic. Responsibilities of use are included in a service contract. These responsibilities may include the use of electronic communications to receive any notices or disclosures. Responsibility for the customer’s account may include restricting access to the user’s computer and monitoring any subsequent computer activities.

What is a VPS?

A VPS or virtual private server is a virtual machine that is provided by a hosting service for Internet connectivity. A VPS has software on the same physical computer as other virtual machines. It functions as a separate physical computer. A VPS is dedicated to a customer’s individual needs and has the privacy of a separate physical computer. Server software may be run on this type of computer application. This type of computer server allows for time-sharing and multiprogramming when the customer’s application is not in use. Users may share resources and save files on a hard drive.

What can you do with a VPS?

A virtual private server is dynamic and is referred to as a cloud server. Hardware resources may be added at runtime, and the server may be moved to other hardware. A virtual private server allows for time-sharing and multiprogramming. Files may be saved on a hard drive, and the clients may use a computer printer that is a part of the general operating system. These additional resources are available, and the client has access to these resources with a virtual private server.

Do I need technical knowledge to use a VPS?

No, the Control Panel may be used to access any of the services that are needed. A control panel is an interface for managing and accessing any installed scripts and other service applications such as e-mail. Some web hosts may provide e-commerce services. E-commerce services are usually an application for larger companies that may outsource certain network infrastructure.

Can you help me move my VPS across from another provider?

Yes, this type of account transfer is easily provided. The account information from the former provider is kept and encrypted. The data files and private information are securely transferred to the second provider seamlessly.

What is the difference between a dedicated server and a VPS?

A dedicated hosting service or dedicated server is a managed hosting service and is a type of Internet hosting. A dedicated server provides an entire server that is not shared with another client. The client usually leases this type of dedicated server for exclusive use. A virtual private server runs its software on the same physical computer as other customers’ virtual computers. A VPS is dedicated to the individual client’s needs and has the privacy of a separate physical computer.

What is KVM?

KVM is a kilobyte virtual machine that was derived from a Java virtual machine. This type of machine is used with small devices and has a small memory capability. KVM may be an abbreviation for keyboard, video, and mouse. This application of KVM is a hardware device that allows the user to control multiple computers from one or more site webs. Multiple computers may be controlled at any one time. USB devices may be shared.

Can I buy a VPS without a domain name?

Yes, a virtual private server may run software that is shared with other virtual machines. This type of application may allow for a domain name system that has a subdomain capability.

I already own a domain name. Can I use it with my VPS?

Yes, the domain name that is already in use may be transferred and used by the new virtual private server.

My domain name is held with another company. Can I point it at my AskMagic VPS?

Yes, this type of virtual private server application may be accessed and transferred seamlessly.