The AskMagic Difference

  • AskMagic speaks your Language
    AskMagic speaks in non technical lingo, never again feel confused about IT
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    If you are not happy with the services of AskMagic within the first 30 days, your will receive you money back
  • Affordable Pricing
    AskMagic will always strive for the best possible solution at the best possible price within your budget
  • Fixed Price Guarantee
    The Price that you sign on for is the price you will pay, no unexpected fees
  • AskMagic Cares
    We care about the success of your business and are willing to help you grow at every opportunity, because your success, is our success
  • AskMagic loves Small Businesses
    Having dealt with large corporations to small family businesses, AskMagic feels right at home with the small growing business


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About AskMagic

AskMagic was created out of love for the small business owner. Having made the big move in 2017 from Auckland City to the quiet but growing City of Timaru, Michael  aka “Magic” started AskMagic to fill a need within Timaru for IT Services, of which there is very little of.

But just because AskMagic is the only IT Service provider in the Tasman does not mean it’s not the best. It is AskMagic’s number one goal to be the best IT Service Provider in New Zealand and will accept nothing less.

AskMagic is still growing, and will continue to grow as the people of NZ discover the value that is AskMagic.

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