Business Reviews

Let‘s talk about customer reviews, or more specifically, google and Facebook business customer reviews on device repairs.

Business Reviews

Let’s talk about customer reviews, or more specifically, google and Facebook business customer reviews on device repairs. When a customer is looking for a repair center, they are looking for someone that will do a good job, with a good reputation of which can be indicated in the customer reviews. If you follow this indicator and not be aware of these three key signs, you may fall into their carefully laid trap.

The first and very noticeable indicator is giving out discounts for no apparent reason. When you read their review, look carefully. If a lot of their customers reviews mention a discount, stay away. This means the customer has been bribed into placing a review in favour of the repair center, to make them look good. This is a very common practice in the IT and repair industry and is not limited to large cities. Genuine reviews are often given to those who provide friendly customer service, complete transparency with pricing and excellent communication, not because they are giving out discounts.

The second noticeable indicator in having a lot of customers that have only placed one review for the repair center. Maybe the customer is new to reviews (unlikely) but it usually indicates the repair center is asking the customer to place a good review and like above, bribing the customer to do so. Reviews more often come from customers that like to place reviews on a regular basis.

The third noticeable indicators are short reviews. A customer will post a review when they feel they have received outstanding service and excellent communication. The customer will explain in detail, with a lot of attention to the wording because they want to help the repair center as much as they helped them. Short reviews usually stem from an uninterested customer that has been incented by the repair center to place the review by way of request and/or bribe.

When you take out all the reviews from these indicators, how many genuine reviews are left?

So, how can you tell if the repair center is going to do a good job, keep you in the loop every step of the way and provide excellent after repair support?

Looking at detailed reviews from regular reviewers is a good start but the best way to tell is just can them up and talk to them. Treat it like a job interview and ask questions. Ask them about common repairs they do and issues they sometimes run into. Every repair center runs into issues from time to time and how they go about dealing with it is important. This will tell you they are thinking about ways to improve and evolve. Always trying to do better is a must in any industry. If they are any good, they won’t try to avoid the question.

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Business Reviews

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