Apple Unauthorised Repair

Ask Magic Mike is an Apple Certified Technician which means we have passed the Apple exams for proper repair and support of apple products. Ask Magic Mike is an Independent Repair Service Provider who can conduct Unauthorised Repairs where an Apple Authorized Service Provider cannot.

What does Unauthorised Repair mean?

As you may be aware, there are two main groups in Apple repair, Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) and Unauthorised repair.

With an Apple Authorized Service Provider, they may tell you that your iPad is not repairable if you break the glass. They may tell you that they cannot replace the charge part as its soldered onto the motherboard, when it’s not. Getting an Authorized repair means that if they replace your battery in your iPhone, and break the adhesive tape holding the battery in place, they confiscate your device with your photos still on it. Yes, going to an Apple Authorized Service Provider mean you are guaranteed genuine apple screens and batteries.  But is means a very narrow support structure for you and your device. They cannot help you with your iPhone’s Front camera, Ear speaker, Headphone port or charge port and tell you that your audio issues on your iPhone 7 plus are your fault.

Unauthorised repair means on Apple products mean that Ask Magic Mike works for you and not Apple. Ask Magic Mike guarantees to recommend the best solution for you. Ask Magic Mike can replace the glass on your iPad. Ask Magic Mike won’t try to sell you a new Apple device, or tell you that we cannot help you because its water damaged. Unauthorised repairs means that we can replace the charge port on your iPhone, and that you get to keep your data on your device. Ask Magic Mike won’t lie to you and tell your audio issues are your fault, because you’ve been holding the device wrong. Yes, we can repair 4 and 5 iPhones, and no, do not accept being told they are too old for repair. And recovery of your photo’s is possible no matter what Apple tells you otherwise.

Ask Magic Mike are proud to be Unauthorised Repair, independent of Apples rules. We source the best quality parts from the best vendors and stand by our work.

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