Managed Cloud Servers

AskMagic’s Cloud VPS Hosting services use a cloud server system that provides a comprehensive web hosting service. This web hosting service is an Internet hosting application that provides individuals and enterprises accessibility to the Internet. Hosts are companies that allow space on an owned or leased computing server.

The clients for the computing company are provided Internet connectivity from a data center. Various other services for host companies include providing data center space and connectivity for other servers. Web hosting may include providing services for web pages and small filing hosting for uploading and downloading by way of a web interface. Cloud computing uses a cloud-shaped symbol to represent the complex infrastructure that it contains.

We support/maintain Accredo and The Retail Edge POS software product systems with any more to come.


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Redundant Storage

To ensure that your data is always protected and available, we utilize high performance servers that provide redundancy and 24×7 access. This ensures the high level of availability that our customers desire and helps us maintain our position as a leader in cloud hosting.

Our storage area network is configured to minimize costs, improve efficiency and make accessibility as seamless as possible. Our high performance storage access network is vital for backup and recovery and will be a key component in fulfilling your company’s enterprise server needs


Stress-Free Hosting

Our company provides stress-free hosting by offering 24×7 support with high priority to our customers. We monitor our servers 24×7 which ensures that there is minimal downtime if a problem arises. We use the latest firewall and security software to ensure your network and data is completely protected from outside threats.

We provide upfront pricing for all our services so that there are no hidden costs. We guarantee that network administration and maintenance will be less stressful when using our services. Our support staff is available to provide the answers and solutions to problems that may arise


Guaranteed Resources

We provide superior cloud VPS hosting services that are 100% guaranteed to meet the most demanding storage requirements. With a proven record of quality service, we guarantee that all of our customers will receive the storage and network capacity that they need.

Our services feature dedicated CPU, RAM and related resources that are tailored to the specific customer. This ensures that there is minimal downtime and robust security to protect your data

Why AskMagic?

  • AskMagic speaks your Language
    AskMagic speaks in non technical lingo, never again feel confused about IT
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    If you are not happy with the services of AskMagic within the first 30 days, your will receive you money back
  • Affordable Pricing
    AskMagic will always strive for the best possible solution at the best possible price within your budget
  • Fixed Price Guarantee
    The Price that you sign on for is the price you will pay, no unexpected fees
  • AskMagic Cares
    We care about the success of your business and are willing to help you grow at every opportunity, because your success, is our success
  • AskMagic loves Small Businesses
    Having dealt with large corporations to small family businesses, AskMagic feels right at home with the small growing business

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