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Hard Drive's, Macbook's, iPhone's and More

Data recovery can be a very stressful and costly experience but not if you bring your hard drive or device into Magic Mike for a free data recovery assessment. 

Whether you’ve dropped your iPhone in the sea or split your morning coffee on your Macbook, Magic Mike can help you recover your impotent information.

Magic Mike does water damage data recovery on iPhones, liquid corrosion damage on Macbooks and physically damaged/aged IDE, SATA and USB external hard drives.

You may hear from any other tech shops including Apple that your data is lost forever. Data Recovery on your Apple devices is possible so why not Ask for a second opinion from Magic Mike today.

The latest line of Macbooks have their SSD soldered onto the motherboard! that means if your morning coffee killed your device, all the data is gone unless you bring it into Magic Mike for a motherboard repair quote. We can recover your on your data from your dead Macbook and may bring it back to working condition again life.

Hard drives:
⦁ $159 for basic recovery (30GB Limit)
⦁ $160 – $400 for serious damage (1TB Limit)
⦁ $659 – $1,490+ for anything requiring lab level tools

SDcards/microSD cards:
⦁ $159 – $259 for basic
⦁ $400+ for any physical or logical damage

⦁ $159 – $300 for basic recovery
⦁ $500 – $700 for drop or liquid damage
⦁ $759+ for any damage inflicted by inept repair

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