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Data recovery can be a very stressful and costly experience but not if you bring your hard drive or device into Magic Mike for a data recovery assessment.

Whether you’ve dropped your iPhone in the sea or split your morning coffee on your Macbook, Magic Mike can help you recover your impotent information. Magic Mike does water damage data recovery on iPhone’s and iPad’s, liquid corrosion damage on Macbooks and physically damaged/aged IDE, SATA and USB external hard drives.

You may hear from any other tech shops including Apple that your data is lost forever. Data Recovery on your Apple devices is possible so why not Ask for a second opinion from Magic Mike today.

The latest line of Macbooks have their SSD soldered onto the motherboard! that means if your morning coffee killed your device, all the data is gone unless you bring it into Magic Mike for a motherboard repair quote.

We can recover your on your data from your dead Macbook and may bring it back to working condition again life.

Recovering data from crashed hard drives can be as simple as running a Check Disk or as complicated as swapping heads to rebuilding the firmware and covers everything from 1.8″, 2.5″ to 3.5″ hard drives. We work on IDE, SATA, NTFS, FAT32, APFS, and HFS drives.
Recovering all your information from a dead or water damaged iPhone is very possible, regardless what you’ve been told by Apple or any other “iPhone Repair Specialist”. We and many other independent iPhone repair businesses have demonstrated this fact time and time again. Its important to get a second opinion and iPhone data recovery is no exception. We can recover everything from photo’s and video’s to contact’s and email.

iPad’s are a great device when they are working. Many happy iPad users use their device as the main computer in the house. This can mean all your important information is stored on the iPad, everything from Photos and Videos, to work documents and email. Its common for an old iPad to die out of the blue and locking all the important information inside. But there is good news, its very possible to get the iPad to start up just long enough for us to preform our Magic and recover all the data.

Macbook Data Recovery

Unlike other laptops, Macbook’s use a wide range of differnet storage devices, everything from old spinning hard drives, ACHI SSD and PCIE NVME to NAND flash memory. Magic Mike is a skilled data recovery Technician and has recovered countless TB’s worth of information from dead and water damaged Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Apple devices.

Note: If your device is recoverable but you do not wish to go ahead with the recovery, there is a $100 bench fee. The Bench fee does not apply if your device’s data is not recoverable.

Stuck heads on platter
Stuck heads on platter
A Real Data Recovery in Progress
A Real Data Recovery in Progress
Recover Your Lost Data
Recover Your Lost Data
DataLaboratory for recovering data Recovery
Laboratory for recovering data
PC-3000 Data Recovery
PC-3000 Data Recovery
franchelle lacida
03:21 01 Sep 21
Very fast and reliable
Morgan Fraser
23:27 02 Dec 20
Thank you for the great service! Fast, affordable and efficient. Mike really knows his stuff.
Regan Walton
11:02 03 Nov 20
Great friendly and took time to understand each problem with both our phone's 📱
Peter Reardon
22:06 28 Oct 20
Great service and some one that knows what he is doing. Very courteous and knowledgeable.
Cody Heath
20:49 24 Feb 20
Great service and super helpful. He got my MacBook pros battery switched out and back to me in no time!read more
Marklin Ang
20:33 11 Jan 20
Mike is amazing! He definitely knows what he's doing and he serviced my laptop at less than half the price I was expecting to pay. Kudos to you, Mike!read more
Samuel Denny
22:30 28 Oct 19
I went to three different phone repair places in Timaru none of them could help me repair the loud speaker on my phone , Magic Mike was my last hope to repair my phone and he did, he has a can do attitude, polite and competent with a well equipped workshop . Thanks Mike for fixing my phone, 🙂read more

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    pc 3000 express data recovery
    PC-3000 Express Data Recovery