How Do I Know What Problem I Have?

If your drive is making a clicking or beeping sound then its easy to tell which category you fall into. For all others, please let us take a look.

We have Hard Drive Data Recovery solutions for:

  • Software corruption
  • Bad partition table
  • Beeping
  • Heads stuck
  • Clicking
  • Bad heads
  • Platter stuck
  • Corrupt firmware
  • Not showing up
  • Copying data off slow
  • Water damage
Its important to note that platter damage can yield no recovery.

Your problem not listed? Please give us a call for a chat.

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    Lacie Is a Seagate inside
    Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions

    Why Is My Lacie External Hard Drive Beeping?

    Not a lot of people are aware but inside a Lacie External Hard Drive is a Seagate Drive. A 2.5″ Lacie external hard drive beeps (usually after a drop or bump) because the heads are stuck on the platters.

    Can PBTech recover your data
    Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions

    Can PBTech Recover Your Data?

    PBTech most likely can recover your data depending on how the drive has failed. Although PBTech can recover your data, this doesn’t mean its the best option for you.

    Never Trust A Damaged Hard Drive
    Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions

    Can Hard Drive’s Be Repaired?

    In Short, Yes. Hard drive’s can be repaired but only for the propose of Hard Drive Data Recovery.

    Hard Drive Data Recovery Cost
    Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions

    How Expensive Is Data Recovery?

    If the drive is not showing up this is usually $375-$675 for the recovery. This can be a firmware corruption but you might be lucky and just have a bad partition table. Click here to find out more.