Local iMac Repairs in Timaru

iMac’s don’t die as often as a Macbook but when they do, its usually a faulty SSD or Hard Drive (The internal storage device) that stores all your important files.

Its possible to replace the storage device in some iMac’s but does require removing the screen to access the insides. As the screen is made of glass, the risk of breaking the screen is great.

An iMac can also stop powering on due to a motherboard problem. Ask Magic Mike does logic board repairs on iMac’s so we may be able to repair it instead of a costly logic board replacement.

We can also recover data from dead or faulty iMac’s that may or may not be starting up. Please bring your iMac in today for a quote.

We can replace USB ports, Hard Drives, DVD Drives and logic boards in most iMac’s

Flashing Question Mark iMac
MacOS Startup Screen Cross Won't Start
MacOS Startup Screen Cross Won’t Start
iMac Screen Replacement

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