It’s heartbreaking for any repair to return with the same problem and this case was no exception. One month ago, a customer with a white iPhone 6s plus walked into my workshop, with a complaint of not charging. I examined the charge port under the microscope and noted that it was full of dust. I also noted that the audio, loud speaker and microphone port where also full or dust.  

When a USB light was inserted into a charge port, it didn’t seem to go all the way in. This seemed to fit with the theory that the charge port was blocked with dust. The charging pins are seated at the back of the port so even just the slightest blockage, it won’t make a proper connection. Removing all the foreign dust from the charge port fixed the charging issues in one go. Customer was over the moon as it also has issues with sound and the microphone being too quiet. 

Fast forward to 2th September and the same iPhone with the same issue of not charging was back. and like the first time it came in, the USB light cable would not go in all the way. After examining the charge port once again, I noted the charge port seems to look purple. Furthermore, the purple waxy like substance seemed to break into pieces. Needless to say, this was the cause of the issue.  

After extracting off the purple matter, the iPhone was once again charging at 1.80Amps. The customer was completely dumbfounded how it got in there. I suggested that may have been a small ball of candle wax that go compacted when the USB cable was plugged in. 

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