Timaru iPhone Screen Repairs

Bring your iPhone into Magic Mike today for a free same day inspection. We only install the best screens money can buy. Beware of glitchy low quality screens that cost you time and money.  

Our testing produces are second to none. We will check your iPhone over, quickly and accurately diagnose the issue with you for iPhone (some issues can be due to a motherboard fault) and give you an idea of the cost as well as time frame.

Not quick enough? If you are sure the screen is the issue, which if you”ve read this far you probably are’, then please see the pricing table down below.

iPhone Screen Pricing

Only The Best High Quality Screens
Enquire Today! For A Free Quote
  • iPhone 6 $145 / iPhone 6s $155
  • iPhone 6+ $185 / iPhone 6s+ $195
  • iPhone 7 $175 / iPhone 7+ $195
  • iPhone 8 $175 / iPhone 8+ $205
  • iPhone XR $235 / iPhone X $395
  • iPhone XS $485 / iPhone XS Max $505
iPhone screen Repairs Timaru

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