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Has your laptop stopped turning on?

Well Ask Magic Mike fixes just about all laptop brands, makes and models. And he’s a Timaru local too.

It’s hard when you’ve got a report due and things just don’t seem to want to work right. Your teacher, employer or IRD needs that report tomorrow so who are you going to call for a quick, reliable repair help, well Just Ask Magic Mike.

Common Issues

Some common issues include; broken screen, damaged keyboard/keys, faulty track-pad Windows crashes and clicking hard drive.

Broken Screen:
Cracked screens are very fixable and in many cases in can put a new lease on life for the laptop, especially if the colours of the are not as bright as they once were. The most common issue is broken or cracked screen but can also include dim or blank screens. Pricing for a replacement laptop screen range from $300 upwards depending on your laptops model so please drop the laptop in for a quote to find out.

Keyboard Issues:
In the case of a keyboard that just won’t play ball, we can replace your keyboard, pricing starts at $195 and can give you a quote upon bring it into our shop. If you have only a few faulty keys on the keyboard, that can be a bit tricky due to the way laptop keyboards are manufactured. A lot of the time unfortunately a complete keyboard will be needed. If the laptop is not able to run Windows 10 then it may not be worthwhile repairing, in that case we may recommend a USB or Bluetooth keyboard attachment. For the best advice please give us a call. Macbook and Macbook Pro’s have a keyboard that is riveted onto its top case but it can be replaced. You can also checkout our Macbook Repairs page for more information on pricing.

Track-Pad Not Working:
There are a few issues that can stop a track-pad from working, if the pad itself is cracked or damaged then it may need a replacement. Other possible causes could include Windows issues or a recent update gone bad. Please drop in the laptop to us to have a look.

Hard Drive Issues:
There are times where you may not even know to have a faulty hard drive until its too late. A hard drive is a storage device that holds all your document’s, pictures, email and even the entire windows operating system. This is why it is so important in preform regular backups. However, there are times when you think the system is doing backups or maybe you’ve just gotten back from holiday when tragedy strikes. Any ether cause data recovery or file rescue may be required and being an information preservation expert, we can help rescue your information. Installing a replacement hard drive is a relatively straightforward process and can have your laptop up and running with a Windows operating system in no time. Depending on the size of the hard drive you need replaced, pricing can run from $350 upwards and a little more if you want to upgrade to an SSD.

Data Recovery can be a difficult task at the best of times but please don’t let that get you down, Ask Magic Mike has had great success at recovering information all sorts of hard drives in the past and with over 10 years of experience in the industry, you are in good hands. If you suspect your hard drive is playing up but the laptop is still loading up, it’s important to act quickly so please come in to see Ask Magic Mike. Also, please check out this Hard Drive Data Recovery page for the costs involved. Macbook’s also have a storage device inside of them called an SSD, its like a hard drive and can go faulty just the same as laptop hard drives. Storage SSD’s in Macbook’s and even iMac’s are proprietary devices and can be difficult to find supply for so please check with us first.

Windows Crashes:
Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if Windows is crashing due to a Software or Hardware issue. A faulty or failing hard drive could cause the crashing issues you see, (even a failing motherboard can do this) ether in Windows not starting up correctly, in some aspects of Windows itself or even installed applications and information not displaying correctly. Another possible causes could be a software update (Windows is notorious for this), improper shutdown, or corrupted software. In any case Windows crashes are very repairable so to find out how much your Windows Crashes might cost, please drop Ask Magic Mike a line. The same operating system problems can occur on Apple Macbook Computers as well. Please see our Macbook Repairs page for more information.

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