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Bring your damaged phone in for repair to Ask Magic Mike. We fix just about all faults and issues with your phone and with over 10 years in the repair industry, rest assured you are in safe hands.

The most common issue is damaged or cracked screen/glass but also can include issues with charging and calling.

Ask Magic Mike is an expert in Micro Soldering. This means there is no need to send your phone up to Auckland to get it repaired, we do it all inhouse, locally in Timaru.

Many other phone repair stores around NZ will install the cheaper aftermarket copy screens. Copy screen have a lot of issues life poorer resolution, worse brightness, contrast and vibrancy that the OEM counterpart. The touch screen performance is often substandard and probably the largest source of issues with copy screens not to mention the glass is less resilient to everyday use.

OEM screens are those containing LCD’s manufactured for Apple and Copy screens are compatible replacement entirely designed and manufactured by third-party companies not associated with Apple.

Changes in specification from OEM can result in battery and performance issues. Certain badly engineered screens could even damage the backlight circuitry.

We always advise our customers to go for the OEM screen. The difference in price is generally small, but the quality is far better.

We repair Samsung, Apple, Oppo and Huawei to name just a few.

Please feel free to contact Magic Mike today to arrange a visit.

iPhone Repairs
iPhone repairs that we do may include, not charging, charge port replacement, battery replacement, screen not working, broken or cracked screen, not turning on and no power. See Data Recovery Lab for data / pictures / photos recovery.

Samsung Repairs
Common Samsung repairs we do are not charging and damaged screen replacement but also includes not charging, charge port replacement, no power, not turning on, battery replacement to name a few

Huawei Repairs

Huawei screen replacements are less common. The most common repair is a Huawei not charging or powering on, photo or picture transfer, information recovery and transfer.

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